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          For the younger people in our village  


Re-Bedford Road Brafield on the green bus shelter.


Myself and my friend Melissa Brockwell were fed up with seeing the elder people of the village standing outside the bus shelter in the rain, we spoke to a dear old lady and she said that she would rather get wet waiting for the bus!  We had a look and an idea started to form, we spoke to my Mum who agreed to help and decided to draw a mural onto paper, our plan to make the shelter a nice place to be.

We went to the parish council meeting with our scrap of paper and our idea. We were very conscious of all the grown ups there so I made Mum tell of our idea…We wanted to involve as many youngsters in the village as we could in the hope that the shelter would then be treated properly. After a few minutes the committee agreed!!!! Many months past and to be honest we thought that it could no longer be done, but then to our amazement we heard that Mrs Morgan had arranged to get the artist and the special paint needed to help spray the bus shelter, so myself and Melissa Brockwell went to the doors with children and ask if they would like to come along on the 1st November to put their hand prints on the wall and the secondary school children to help spray the Mural.

Many village children turned up on the day as well as mum, and Mrs Morgan and the artist. All the helpers spent up to 4-5 hours preparing walls and spraying the picture on the wall of the bus shelter. Everyone was very pleased with the end result and hopefully it will now be a nicer place to wait for a bus!

We would like to thank the children who came up on the freezing cold day helping spray the bus shelter. Also we would like to thank Andrea Hill for being the volunteer to look after the children. The artist for helping us spray the bus shelter and making it look as good as it does. We would like to thank Gill Morgan for all her help on the day and helping us bring our idea to life.

Thank you.


Sophie Hill


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