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          For the younger people in our village  


Graffiti Art Bus Shelter Project.

A group of young people who were fed up with the village bus shelter looking a mess, recently approached the Parish Council to ask about decorating it inside.  The Parish Council eventually managed to track down a specialist contractor who agreed to help the young people to put their design onto the wall and seal it, with a specialist anti graffiti lacquer.

Graffiti Art Services came along on Saturday 1st November and they anticipated the work would be done by just after lunch. The day was damp and cold and allowing each young person who came along to have a go proved slightly more time consuming than thought. However each person who wanted to get involved was allowed to add to the artwork and the picture soon developed. Around 2.30pm we started adding on the anti-graffiti sealant, hopefully to prevent any ‘unofficial’ artwork being added at a later stage. We finally finished sealing the art at 4.30pm just as the daylight started fading, and frostbite had set in!

Part of the design entailed children in the village coming along and putting their handprints onto it and we invited ANY under 16yr olds from the village to come along and take part in the project. We were delighted that so many young people took up the opportunity, and at one point in time had queues of young children, with their parents, waiting to add their handprints on to the tree, one as young as 10 months old, which was splendid. So a huge thank you to all who came out with little ones on such a cold day to do this. It does look really great.

Loads of people came along on the day both to see what we were doing and to help, and we received very enthusiastic responses from all users of the bus stop who were waiting for their buses throughout the day. 

Hopefully it will now be a much nicer place to wait for the bus. We will look at replacing the tatty bin shortly (which had to be removed to do the artwork), and also get someone to give us a price to put a bench seat inside to enable the elderly and disabled people to rest while waiting for public transport.

Remember the Parish Council have a small amount of funds each year to help with projects such as this, if you have an idea that you think might benefit the village then please speak to a Parish Councillor or come along to a Parish Council meeting and put your suggestion forward. Together we can make Brafield on the Green an even better place to live.

Gill Morgan

Parish Council

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