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Information provided by the Parish Council


A copy of the presentation delivered by Kevin Ward on Mon 24th Aug 2009 in the village hall is available to download. This version has minor changes and replaces the one presented on 19th August 2009, which may now be found in the Archive Centre.

Download:  Presentation 2009 08 24        (version 5.0)


The Parish Council has released a number of papers that you may download.

The first is a summary list of the 55 questions to which people are invited to comment in the JPU consultation on the Emergent Core Strategy for West Northamptonshire.

Download:  Summary of Questions

The Parish Council is in the process of drafting its formal response to the consultation. The present view of the Council is that it will not address each of the questions individually in sequence but, instead, will select specific questions to which it will send a response. Answers in some cases will be grouped and so made to more than one question as there is considerable repetition in the subject matter of the 55 questions.

What is presented below therefore is:

  • The DRAFT response to the questions to which the Parish Council has decided to answer and
  • A table showing the questions presently unanswered but grouped by subject/theme, some of which will probably come to be answered.

This is the present draft response. Work is continuing in the evaluation of evidence and the wording and weighting of the argument will change. If, therefore, you are using this draft to help you in your own answers and response to the consultation, then please be aware and bear in mind that the Council will be continuing to update and refine its response up until the formal deadline for responses on 30 September. Later revisions of this document will be posted here on the website so please check the date given to see if a new revised version has been produced. These are the latest versions dated 23 August 2009. Previous versions may be found in the Archive Centre.

Download:  Responses to key Questions         (version 4.0)

Download:  Responses to other Questions       (version 2.0)


The Council is also challenging the fitness for purpose of the Emergent Strategy. It takes the view that the Strategy as written does not meet the requirements of central government so as to be able to constitute  a credible Strategy. To evidence and demonstrate this, the Council has also drafted a detailed critique showing how the Strategy fails in meeting the tests of legitimacy and credibility. Once again villagers wishing to respond to the consultation are welcome to read this document and consider its argument as part of their own commentary in response to the consultation.

Again, this is a DRAFT response so the same points apply as above. This too is the current version of 16 August.


Download:  Fitness for Purpose


Please check for updates on a regular basis.  See 'Latest Site Changes' on the homepage.

To view previous versions of published documents visit the Archive Centre.


Date last updated:  25 Aug 2009                                                                                          Valid until:  31 Dec 2009