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The Original 2007 Proposals

During 2007 the West Northamptonshire Joint Planning Unit issued a number of proposals related to where future commercial and residential growth within Northamptonshire should be located.  As part of the overall process, interested parties and members of the public were asked to respond with their views of the proposals.

In the case of growth in and around Northampton, there were four options offered, each indicated here by four maps.

The orange areas highlight the main areas of planned growth.


Option 1:      Northampton South Eastern Extension      (Collingtree, Grange Park and Wootton)    




Option 2:      Northampton South Eastern / Western Extension  (Grange Park, Wootton and Sandy Lane)    




Option 3:      Northampton North Eastern Extension  ('The Banana', around the North and East)    




Option 4:      Northampton Southern / South of M1 Extension  (Brackmills, Collingtree and out towards Roade)   




In 2007 the public and other interested parties were asked to comment on these general proposals, and it was stated that an analysis of these consultations would be published, and incorporated into the proposed plans. 

Now that the JPU have fixed a few of the errors on the website ( see WNJPU site problems ) you can now link directly to the section containing responses to the options that they proposed.

Those who responded using the:

  • Short questionnaire    strongly favoured Option 2,   the South Eastern / Western Extension
  • Long questionnaire     strongly favoured Option 3,  the North Eastern Extension
  • Late submissions      almost all favoured Option 3,  the North Eastern Extension

Of the remaining two options:

  • Option 1,  The South Eastern Extension,  received far less support


  • Option 4,  The South / South of the M1 Extension,  received very little support


In May 2008 the JPU published a breakdown of the responses they received related to these original proposals. These responses are broken down in great details, but there is very little in the way of conclusions resulting from this analysis.

You may view the detailed analysis by clicking on the following link to the JPU site.  You will find six downloads.

Analysis of responses to original 2007 proposals

For more details of the original proposals and the responses click on this link: (more details in preparation)

You will also discover in this analysis of responses download, a large map illustrating areas of land where individuals or businesses who have expressed an interest in being involved in these proposed developments.  Here is a section of that map, covering the area around Northampton.




Click on the map or the link below to view the map in greater detail, read more details, and download the key to the identifiers for each section of land on the map.  

Land Option details

If you would like to comment about the expansion information on this village website, please use the link below:


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