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Library Services

Early this year the County Council announced that services in general were under review in order to reduce costs.

A summary of those discussions are provided further down this page.

Mobile Library:  

The following County Council web page was updated on the 8th July.  It states that existing Mobile Library Service has now been 'concluded'.  The number of mobile library vehicles has been reduced from four to two, and that a new service will be introduced in August.

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The following details have been received verbally.

From the August, we will be receiving visits from the Mobile Library on the third Friday of each month, however we are informed it will only stop at Green Rd, Brafield on the Green (the current service to Grove Rd and Church Lane will cease).  It will arrive at this stop at 13.30hrs and leave promptly at 14.00hrs.


Visits for the coming months are expected to be on:

  • 19 August
  • 16 September
  • 21 October


Details will be formalised when they are available.


'Library To You' scheme

For residents that are housebound, due to long term health issues or age etc and unable to access the mobile service or get to a fixed library site, Northamptonshire Libraries does offer a  'Library To You' scheme where a volunteer will collect your requested books from a local library and deliver them to  your door. To register for Library to You or get further information then please contact Shirley Roche of Northamptonshire Libraries on 01933 446680.

'Library To You' volunteers


Do you personally go to a Northamptonshire Library anyway?  Could you collect books for a neighbour or resident in the parish?  If so, would you like to offer your services as a volunteer driver for the 'Library to You' service? Then Northamptonshire Libraries would be pleased to hear from you. Contact Shirley Roche on the above number to discuss.




Historic details:                            

These details are being retained until the new services are formalised.

The Mobile Library Van comes to Brafield every 3 weeks on a Thursday

Grove Road:         09.40am – 10.00 am

Church Lane:       10.05am – 10.20 am

Green Road:        10.25am – 10.45 am

Tel: 01933 314842 for details.


2008/09 dates                 Latest details of visits to Brafield from June 2008 into 2009

2009 dates                      Leaflet of visits to Brafield and other villages until May 2009





Northampton Central Library

Abington Street



Tel:         462040


Weston Favell Library

Weston Favell Centre


Tel:         403100


Changes to the Library Services

Details will be updated when they are available.


                  Click on the image to link to the Council site

Click on the image to link directly to the Council website


Date last updated:    08 Jul 2011                                                                                     Valid until:   31 Dec 2011